Dr. Elkmann flying insect catchers provide reliable protection. The adhesive surfaces collect even the smallest flying insects such as beer flies, fruit flies, vinegar flies or meal moths. In addition, the adhesive surface enables precise analysis with detection of the species and quantities of flying insects that occur. Electronic counting by glueboard scanner possible (see the link on the bottom right of this page).

2-Lamp System

Most flying insects are attracted by blue UV-A light (350 Nm), some species only by green light (500 Nm). All larger devices are therefore equipped with two fluorescent tubes: one for blue light and one for green light.

Additional protection

Many flying insect traps can be supplied on request in a jet water-protected version (IP 65) or as an explosion-protected version.

2Hygienic (HACCP)

Dr. Elkmann flying insect traps combine the proven attracting effect of UV-A light with the hygienic trapping method of replaceable adhesive surfaces. All devices thus offer optimum protection against flying insects without the risk of microbiological contamination - an important advantage of our insect traps in all rooms where food is produced, processed or sold. To protect the fluorescent tubes against glass breakage, all devices are available with reusable protective tubes or breakage-protected tubes.


The maintenance effort for all devices is minimal. The adhesive surfaces can be replaced in a few simple steps; the fluorescent lamps of these insect catchers should be replaced after approx. 7,000 operating hours.

4Environmentally friendly

Dr. Elkmann flying insect catchers are extremely environmentally friendly and work without poison or chemicals. The adhesive surfaces are free of harmful substances, ecologically harmless and can be disposed of without any problems. The flying insect traps do not require any energy-consuming components other than the fluorescent tubes. The devices are therefore very energy-saving. Much more than a flytrap.

5Glueboardscanner App

With this intelligent software program you can easily and accurately scan the adhesive surface to automatically count the amount of insects caught. A photo of the adhesive plate is sent to the appropriate server, which evaluates it. The free app can be found here: